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"Some people think that your book is just gossip and negativity and don't understand the point of it. To that I usually reply that gossip is the spreading of questionable second hand information in order to shock and upset and entertain malice. Your book is something else, completely. It's a witness statement, and a positive one, since it brings out the human perspective and leaves space for acceptance and forgiveness and truth. It is a comfort and vindication for the abused and rejected. It is the spirituality of the new age, since it is based on transparency instead of hierarchy." - Anders Rosenberg, Media Creator

‎"Reading your book has had some very subtle liberating effect on me. Not dismissing "the knowledge" but recognizing the very human element of MMY that makes him even more endearing to me. It was like an advanced technique! I don't like ...that he deceived all of us and the possible psychological harm he created in some women he had affairs with. That was just plain irresponsible and unethical on his part. He should have done better. But I'll always value MMY for the understanding of the transcendent dimension he brought to my life and, more importantly, the transcendent experience his techniques and presence allowed." - Peter L. Sutphen

"Robes of Silk Feet of Clay is a very sensitive story, full of love. And yet it contains a truth that has to come out. This book lifts the blinders from our eyes so we can put Maharishi in the proper perspective, ie a human being like all others with the same needs for intimacy and warmth. And yet we are able to keep our respect for what he gave us: knowledge of meditation and transcendental consciousness. Thank you Judith for your concrete and trustworthy report from the inner circle of the TM organisation." - Conny Larsson, former TM teacher and author of Beatles, Maharishi och Jag (The Beatles, Maharishi and I), Norstedts